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Are you in search of an amazing real estate investment opportunity in the Jacksonville area? Look no further than this amazing duplex, available for sale now. While there may be some minor repairs that need to be made, the price has been adjusted to reflect this. This property is being sold as-is, with no repairs included.
This duplex is located in a desirable area and is constructed with durable concrete blocks. It offers two spacious 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom units, making it an ideal investment for both experienced investors and first-time buyers alike.
To view this property, appointments must be made through Showtime. Please note that there is currently no electricity at the property. Although some repairs may be required, this presents a great opportunity for those with the skills and resources to make the necessary updates. By purchasing the property as-is, you have the chance to customize and renovate it to your exact preferences and what the market demands.
Investing in a duplex can be extremely rewarding. Not only does it offer the potential for rental income, but it also provides the opportunity for long-term appreciation. Jacksonville is known for its strong economy and real estate market, making it an ideal location to make such an investment. With a vibrant rental market and constant potential tenants, you can expect a positive cash flow from this duplex.
Each unit of the duplex offers plenty of space and 3 bedrooms, providing flexibility for families, roommates, or individuals seeking extra space. The 1 bathroom per unit also ensures convenience and privacy for all occupants.
Don’t hesitate – schedule an appointment through Showtime now and envision the potential of this duplex. Remember that the property is being sold as-is, so be prepared to put your personal touch on it and transform it into a profitable investment. Take action and secure your future in the flourishing Jacksonville real estate market!Jacksonville Duplex For Sale