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Are you an entrepreneur looking for a great investment property? Look no further than 127 Beeson Road in Pollock, Louisiana. Located just off of Highway 165 and Beeson Road, this property offers three acres of prime real estate with access to the highway and nearby amenities.

With the rising popularity of Airbnb, this property is perfect for anyone looking to start their own Airbnb business. The three acres of land provide plenty of space to build multiple cabins or other housing units and the nearby highway makes it easy for travelers to access the property. The location also provides easy access to nearby restaurants and stores, making this property ideal for both travelers and business owners.

The beauty of this property is that it is already partially developed, which allows potential buyers to save a significant amount of money compared to starting from scratch. Already constructed on the land are four rental cabins, which are in great condition and could be rented out immediately.

In addition to the rental cabins, the property also features a large pond and several outbuildings. The pond is perfect for fishing and other recreational activities, and the outbuildings provide ideal storage space for supplies and equipment.

The potential for this property is enormous, and it is a great opportunity for any entrepreneur looking for a solid investment. With a great location and existing infrastructure already in place, this property will be sure to provide returns for years to come. So, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity and contact us today to learn more about 127 Beeson Road in Pollock, Louisiana. Airbnb For Sale Louisiana